Thank you for your interest in investing in our major motion picture BLIND COURAGE. This project is not only designed to stand alone as an inspiring and gripping piece of entertainment, but it is also intended to serve as a continuation of Bill Irwin’s dream to inspire the world.

BLIND COURAGE chronicles the true story of blind hiker Bill Irwin and his guide dog's 2,000 mile journey of faith on the Appalachian Trail. A journey that, in 1990, captured the hearts and minds of millions of people, becoming the single most publicized human endeavor that year.  BLIND COURAGE first began as a book co-written by the late Bill Irwin and Dave McCasland. The book, now in its thirteenth printing, was released in 1992, quickly becoming a national best seller. In the past few years, Bill’s story has garnered the attention of several notable Hollywood Producers and Distributors who have expressed interest in bringing this story to the big screen. Furthermore, we have attracted over 10,000 active fans on social media, before the film has even gone into production.  

Your investment is needed to complete the packaging, pre-production, filming, editing, and distribution of this major motion picture.

The BLIND COURAGE team has done an extensive amount of work in its infancy. Throughout the process, we have researched and identified target audiences, created strategic partnerships to secure a solid audience, and acquired development funds from a major film investor.   

We have a package to send that shares our vision, Bill’s vision, and what we believe to be God’s vision for this project. With combined experience of over 40 years, our production team can say with confidence that we are not just looking to make another film, but are aiming to create a successful box office hit that will spark a positive change in the hearts and minds of millions of people across the globe.



The Producers of Blind Courage