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A blind man and his seeing eye dog embark on a 2,100-mile solo hike while recovering from the bitter effects of a life consumed by alcoholism.


Set against a spectacular wilderness backdrop, Blind Courage tells the inspirational and iconic true story of blind hiker Bill Irwin and his tale of hardship, soul-searching, and quest for freedom on the Appalachian Trail.

With the dissolution of his relationship with his youngest son and his fight against alcoholism, Bill makes a decision to continue his recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous’ 12 Step program in a place of isolation, the Appalachian Trail.  Using nothing more than the instincts of his Seeing Eye dog Orient, a “trail guide” on cassette tape, and sheer determination, Bill must traverse over 2,100 miles of the toughest terrain in America, alone.

By the time he reaches the midway point in Harper’s Ferry, Virginia, he finds he and Orient have become a media sensation, which Bill feels as an intrusion on his solitude and an exploitation of his subjective journey. As the pressure builds to finish the trail, not only for himself but also for his fans, Bill receives news that the finish line at Mt. Katahdin in Maine will soon close due to weather conditions on the mountain. In a race against the clock and with winter coming on, Bill must find the courage to follow a different path as he learns that the hardest step to take in the recovery process… is often the last.

In witnessing this extraordinary journey, we realize that the key to finding our way in life lies not in our own strength, but in a power greater than ourselves. A power that has marked our path with His blaze, if only we have the eyes to see and follow it.